ST-JS has a new website!

It’s been a while I haven’t updated this blog! Even though when I started it I was full of hope to be able to update it at least once a month, I was finally caught up with my work and with continually improving the project.  But ST-JS steadily increased its awareness and new users try it each and every month.

We’re preparing ourselves for the next big steps – to allow our users to contribute with bridges and libraries so that we can offer a much larger choice of bridged libraries to the users. Currently we’re only offering jQuery (even that bridge needs update!), but we had users using ST-JS in combination with Dojo, Prototype and AngularJS. We also need to follow the HTML5 API.

More we have the ambition to finish the very aggressive minifier that Nicolas started – it gets a bit easier when you have more information about the fields/methods visibilities and types, but still it’s not trivial.

One other interesting challenge we have is to write the reverse engineering application – the application will take existing JavaScript files and will try to guess the data types and write back the corresponding Java classes. The idea is to facilitate the adoptation of ST-JS and make the life easier for people that are looking for a solution like ST-JS. But for this … well I may need to take again a 3-weeks holiday in the south Spain – like it happened when well this started 🙂  Or attract other contributors motivated to help with the numerous challenges ST-JS proposes.

But the main reason I’m back updating the blog is to announce our new website created by Nicolas. Don’t hesitate to take a look  and let us know what you think!

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