Strongly-Typed Javascript

I had the idea of building a Java to Javascript generator in the summer of 2011 when I saw the time we spent on writing, debugging and fixing Javascript code compared to the similar task in Java. Let alone the very poor support from our preferred IDE – Eclipse. We obviously had a look at GWT at the time, but it looked way too complicated for what we needed. I asked around the people I knew who had an experience with GWT and unfortunately they confirmed my feeling. So I spoke to my old colleague and friend Eyal about the idea, and to my great surprise not only he thought the idea is worth something, but he agreed to help me developing it. So here how Strongly-Typed Javascript was born! The name itself was supposed to be temporary – let’s develop it and we’ll find a name later 🙂 But the acronym finally stuck, STJS being quite easy to remember.

Since we launched STJS, Google launched the Dart language. But we still believe that it’s not exactly the same direction. In fact Google themselves are not quite sure of how these two technologies fit together. And after I read the article I believe that other developers share our feeling that GWT maybe not be the final answer to web development for Java developers.

Three months after the first public release, we received quite encouraging messages from the developers who “dared” to use it. After the first article on TheServerSide, I believe more in-depth presentations of the technology may be of interest and a blog can be a good starting point.

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